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03 Jan 2022

Tai Hang encompasses two distinct sections – one built at the base of a hill and close to Causeway Bay and the other further up its lower slopes. Known for expansive views or hilly street scapes, this is a family-friendly residential area encompassing a broad market range.

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Things to Do in Tai Hang

Tai Hang has a laidback, quaint vibe made vibrant by a lively mix of artisanal cafes, bakeries, international and local restaurants, tucked-away bars, grocery stores, and markets. One can easily spend the day exploring the area and hopping between establishments, whether they are after delicious freshly-baked goods, tiny trinkets, or doses of culture. 

During the Mid-Autumn Festival each year, Tai Hang truly comes alive as the centre for celebrations. The famous fire dragon dance featuring a 67-metre long ‘fire dragon’ parades around the area, which will be spectacularly lit with lanterns throughout the festive period. Lin Fa Temple also receives many visitors during this holiday, praying for prosperity and good health. The temple remains a popular attraction regardless, having been declared a Grade I historic building.

Properties Advice

An up-and-coming neighbourhood that is becoming popular with expats and locals alike in Hong Kong, Tai Hang comprises a mix of modern buildings with amenities such as swimming pools and parking, and more traditional, mid-rise walk-ups with scope for renovation and creativity. The area and its buildings retain much of Hong Kong’s old charm, even after undergoing major redevelopment in the 1990s. 

There are properties of varying sizes and types available to buy and to rent in the area, which is perfect for families looking for a place to settle down that is just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of neighbouring areas of the city.


Transport: How to get to Tai Hang

If you are wondering how to get to Tai Hang, it’s about a 10 minute-walk from Causeway Bay. When venturing out, mini-buses serve the higher roads of the area and cabs can whisk you from both sections to the Central ferry pier in about 10 minutes. There are also numerous bus routes available further up as you near Causeway Bay, which is also close to various MTR exits for Tin Hau station on the island line.



Tai Hang is bursting with countless restaurants, bars, and cafes which inspire curiosity in locals from all parts of the city. Maka Hiki in Little Tai Hang is one of Hong Kong’s only Tiki-inspired restaurants, providing a tropical respite in the city on its lush outdoor terrace. The Cookie Vission bakery on the corner sees long lines snaking out of its door on weekends, whilst Dough Bros across the road provides some of the city’s favourite pizzas. Second Draft gastropub is a great venue for casual drinks, whilst Fineprint remains a neighbourhood staple for all community members to enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning or an espresso martini post-work.


Nature lovers will enjoy easy access to hiking trails from the higher roads of Tai Hang, which are encircled by hills. There are many areas nearby to enjoy some fresh air and greenery, particularly at the neighbouring Victoria Park in Causeway Bay, which also hosts a jogging track, tennis court, and swimming pool which are all open to the public. Some apartments also enjoy broad, sweeping views over the mountains surrounding Happy Valley and towards the glistening harbour. 

There is also no shortage of culture and history available in this area, where it is home to Lin Fa Temple and the iconic three-storey Haw Par Mansion, otherwise known as Tiger Balm Garden. This establishment gained Grade I historic building status, after being preserved since its initial construction in 1935.

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