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Property management in Hong Kong brings a multitude of responsibility, requiring significant investment and resources. The complexities and intricacies of leasing can be challenging and time intensive.

So why not leave the stresses of it all to our professional Property Management team? With over 20 years of experience managing 150+ properties, we have a skilled, superior team ready to deliver a comprehensive range of property and housing management services.
What is Property Management?

Property management refers to the management of real estate properties on behalf of the owners. It involves tasks such as finding tenants, collecting rent, maintaining the property and handling any issues that arise. Property managers ensure the property is well-maintained and profitable for the owners.

What do Property Managers do?
  • Deal with the tenant’s day-to-day needs and demands
  • Advertise the property for rent
  • Find and screen tenants
  • Manage on-going reporting
  • Manage leasing and tenancy agreement process
  • Manage budgets and financial records
  • Manage the rent, including setting, adjusting and collecting
  • Signing of the tenancy agreement and collection of the security deposit
  • Handle emergencies, complaints, evictions and other difficult issues
  • Handle repairs and other renovation works efficiently
  • Advise on specific local landlord-tenant laws
  • Keep an eye on the tenant and ensure they are well looked after
  • Prepare the property for tenant handover
  • Handover and hand-back of premises, with release of security deposit
Benefits of a Property Manager
  • Less tenant turnover and minimum vacancies, maximising annual rental yields
  • Free up Landlord's time from managing day-to-day requests and complaints
  • Ensuring compliance with tenancy laws
  • Quality management attracts better tenants and retains them longer
  • Regular communication and updates on property to Landlord
  • Fewer problematic tenants due to tenant screening and selection
  • Improved cash flow through regular rent collection, with systems in place to encourage timely tenant payment incl. penalties  
  • Manage outgoings through timely invoice payment procedures
  • Manage repairs and renovations works to maintain the property’s condition and maximise asset value
  • Ensure any repairs or maintenance are carried out quickly and cost-effectively
  • Accurate, itemized monthly statements
  • Maximise rental returns by ensuring leasing in line with current market levels
  • Advise what will make the property more appealing to maximise the rent achievable
  • Property management fees are tax-deductible in Hong Kong if the property is owned in a company structure
How Habitat Property Management adds value to your investment?

As a property investor, you’ll know that finding the right property, in the right location with the right potential is only half the equation to achieving your investment goals. The next part is ensuring your property attracts and retains high-quality tenants, at the maximum rental and is vacant as little as possible. This is where Habitat's Property Management team help you to optimize your asset

1. The right market rent

The Hong Kong market is dynamic and can move quickly. Our property managers are savvy, and know what other similar properties nearby are renting for. This knowledge enables them to optimize the rental yield for your property.

If priced too low, you are not maximising rental yield; priced too high and it may result in unwanted vacancy between tenancies, hence a poor rental return. We are well-positioned to advise on how to achieve the highest rent, e.g. maybe small tweaks or renovation work is required to obtain the best possible results.

2. Maintaining your asset

A lot of tenants come to us specifically looking to be in properties we manage as they feel more comfortable and secure living in a home with professional housing management. Many landlords who attempt to manage properties by themselves run into troubles when they fail to fix a difficult issue within the apartment promptly. Tenants often leave properties without proper property management services when problems are not dealt with in a timely and professional manner. We see this happen all the time, and it causes frustration for both parties in the process. With our extensive experience in housing management, we can find out quickly what needs to be fixed and identify the root cause/s that are sometimes the responsibility (i.e. cost) of the tenant. 

Our bilingual property managers have an extensive network of maintenance contractors and specialists, who can be mobilized promptly and economically into action to fix any maintenance issue.

Tenants are also able to reach us anytime via our 24-hour hotline in case of an emergency.

3. Reaching the greatest number of potential tenants

When renting your property, knowing how to reach and appeal to the maximum number of relevant renters is crucial to finding the best tenant. A core benefit of our property management services is the increased exposure to potential clients.

Our ability to advertise properties promptly through our website, quality client database and powerful social media platforms means your property is more likely to be leased quickly at the maximum possible price.

By utilising Habitat’s property management services, your property is given priority on all our digital platforms (website / social media / database), where we have the largest following of any Hong Kong estate agency. 

4. Finding quality tenants

A good tenant who will treat your property with respect can mean the difference between a high and low-performing investment. Timely rental collection helps to better manage cash flow, which is a top priority. Maintaining a positive relationship with your tenant, means they are more likely to renew the tenancy, thereby reducing your turnaround costs and potential of no rental income over the changeover period. As Hong Kong's lead real estate agent and property management company, Habitat’s reach and reputation will connect your property with the most eligible, qualified renters in the market.

5. Accurate financial records

Keeping accurate accounting records is critical so that any property related expenses can be claimed correctly come tax time.

As part of our comprehensive property management services, we help do the bookkeeping, providing fully itemized monthly statements, along with comprehensive rental statements at the conclusion of each financial year for you to simply pass on to your accountant.

6. Collecting rent

Sometimes it can be difficult to collect money owed.  If you are a landlord with an investment loan, late monthly rental payments can directly impact your loan repayments and viability of the investment.

At Habitat, quality property management means collecting your rent on time.  We have robust rental arrears procedures that are implemented should a tenant fall behind.  Trusting an independent property manager to oversee rental payments removes the stress and saves your time.

7. Landlord-tenant laws

Habitat verifies all signed tenancy agreements, protecting the landlord and complying with local legislation. We ensure stamp duty payment and lease registration (CR109) are duly complied within the required time frame.

Case Study:  Tung Fat Building

Our Property Management Team have managed the luxurious, residential apartments Tung Fat Building on the Kennedy Town waterfront since 2014, right after the extensive refurbishment.

One of the most iconic re-development projects by Habitat Property,  the transformation of this walk-up old building saw it revitalizing this iconic ‘tong-lau’ with a unique contemporary, New York loft style design aesthetic that has been widely featured in key press such as Tatler.

Habitat is responsible for Lease management, managing all facets of this successfully with close to full occupancy, and rental yields 10% higher vs market averages.

Habitat continues to deliver strong ROI for the Landlord whilst maintaining harmonious relationships with tenants….

“...we admire the effort the Management team has always made to meet the needs and preferences of their tenants.

Over the years, there have been several small problems in our apartment, issues such as flickering lights, or a broken pipe. In every case, a contractor came within 24 hours to evaluate the problem. Where possible, he resolved our issues, and if not, called in the qualified person to do so.

We have never leased from a team that has been so consistently efficient in maintaining the property. It has truly been a delight to live in a Habitat managed building.”

Debra Russell (Tenant of Tung Fat Building for 6+ years)

Case Study:  Square Street

Habitat have provided full Tenant Management Services for Square Street in Sheung Wan for over 12 years.

We successfully managed the year-long Renovation project of the entire (tenanted) building, receiving most positive feedback from both the Landlord and Tenants, commending the smooth process with minimized interruptions.


“Habitat has done a great job managing our property over the last decade and
particularly through our renovation and then COVID.

Angie and her team are very responsive and have kept our property fully leased throughout this challenging period. I highly recommend them”.

Merry Properties Ltd (Landlord of Square Street)

About us

Habitat Property Management Limited (HPML) was established in 2003 by Victoria Allan, as part of the Habitat Property Group, specialising in Leasing and Property Management. With over 150 properties under management, we deliver high calibre Tenancy Management Services solutions, that can be custom tailored to suit you.

For further information or to discuss your property management services needs,  contact Angie Lui or Victoria Allan on 2110 4734.


PMC Licence Number: C-930060

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