We can manage it for you
Being a landlord is considered by many a surefire way to bring in extra readies, but managing property itself is a big responsibility requiring a lot of both money and energy. The complexities and intricacies of letting can be challenging and not many people know what support is at their disposal to help them along the way.
An experienced property manager can help save landlords a significant amount of time and money and make owning a rental property more rewarding. Minimum vacancy, maximum rental returns and good tenants who help look after your property form the basis for a successful investment. Habitat knows this from managing over 150 properties for our clients; we have a skilled professional team to make sure your asset is managed properly at all times while maximizing its value.
A property manager is responsible for:

· Dealing with the tenant’s day-to-day demands
· Advertising your property for rent
· Finding and screening tenants
· Managing the on-going reporting process
· Managing the leasing and tenancy agreement process
· Managing budgets and financial records
· Managing the rent, including setting, adjusting and collecting
· Signing of the tenancy agreement and collection of the security deposit
· Handling emergencies, complaints, evictions and other difficult issues
· Handling repairs and other renovation works efficiently
· Knowing specific local landlord-tenant laws
· Keeping an eye on the tenant and ensuring they are well looked after
· Preparation of the property for tenant handover
· Handover and hand-back of premises and release of security deposit
Why do people use property managers?

· Less tenant turnover and minimum vacancy, maximizing annual rental
· Free up your time from managing day-to-day requests and complaints
· Ensure you comply with any tenancy laws
· Quality management attracts better tenants and keeps them longer
· Regular communication and updates on your property
· Fewer problematic tenants due to tenant selection
· Improve cash flow through regular rent collection with systems that enforce penalties in place
· Manage outgoings through timely invoice payment procedures
· Manage repairs and renovations works to maintain the property’s condition and maximize asset value
· Ensure any repairs or maintenance are carried out quickly and cost effectively
· Accurate itemized monthly statements
· Maximize rental returns by ensuring you are achieving the correct market rental
· A good property manager can advise what will make your property more appealing to maximize the rent achievable
· Property management fees are tax deductible if the property is owned in a company structure

For further information or to discuss your needs contact Angie Lui or Victoria Allan on 2869 9069.