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06 Aug 2020

South of Hollywood Road – Soho – is a vibrant cityscape bordering the famous Mid-Levels escalator, the world’s largest outdoor covered escalator linking Hong Kong's Central business district with the higher streets of Mid-Levels and, a little lower down the hill, Soho.

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Soho Property Advice

A mix of commercial and mid to high-rise - mostly compact - residential. The area became more popular after the escalator was completed in 1993, particularly with expats seeking cheaper rent minutes from Central. Many think of Soho as the nightlife mecca of Elgin and Staunton Streets. But quieter, leafy side streets with character-filled residential buildings are tucked behind the façade,which feature Hong Kong’s traditional heritage and colonial past. 

Many of these low-rise residential buildings are walk-ups, with Soho housing some of the oldest ones still standing. There are also a few ‘Tong Lau’ buildings (meaning living quarters designed for multiple tenants) in the area which lend to its unique charm, some of them with small businesses or shops taking up the ground level. These types of buildings earliest came to life during the Victorian period and maintained their prominence until modern days, further steeping Soho in rich history and culture. Colonial buildings found throughout Soho have also undergone redevelopment works, including the nearby attractions of Tai Kwun and PMQ.  


Things to Do in Soho Hong Kong

Soho is a buzzing district that epitomises urban living, with Hong Kong’s unique twist. Simply stepping outside your door will put you minutes (or even seconds) away from dozens of world-class restaurants, cafés, and bars, ensuring there is always something delicious to eat or drink close to home at any time of day. One can easily spend the day café or bar hopping around the area, or exploring the many stone slab streets lined with wet markets, local dai pai dongs (the city’s famous open-air cooked food stalls), and shops selling various trinkets.

When the evening falls, Soho is undoubtedly Hong Kong’s most popular location for night revellers and vibrant nightlife, featuring an array of nightclubs, late-night dining establishments, and entertainment venues.

Shoppers will enjoy browsing the variety of fashion boutiques in the area, whilst creatives can be inspired on a daily basis with visits to the revolving assortment of galleries lining the streets. Historians and culture vultures will also have their fill of activities, with the revitalised PMQ shopping and lifestyle space, Tai Kwun arts and culture complex (formerly the Central Police Station and Victoria Prison), and Man Mo Temple just a quick jaunt away and ready to be explored.


Transport: How to get to Soho Hong Kong

Getting to and from Soho is easy from numerous points in the island, but the best point of access is from Central. One can simply take the MTR to Central station and journey up using the Mid-Levels escalators. Double decker buses and minibuses transport to and from multiple locations across the island, including neighbouring Central and Admiralty.

When traveling out of Soho, walking to the Central harbourfront takes about 15 minutes, but a taxi ride is less than 10 minutes - which then puts you nearby ferry, MTR (both Central and HK station), and bus links to all destinations in the city.



Living in Soho promises convenient access to a variety of gyms, international and local supermarkets, spas, hair dressers, pre-schools, offices and, of course, the Mid-Levels escalator, which provides an easy (and less tiring way) to journey up and down the colourful sloping streets. If you choose to venture even further up, one can find their way to the Central Green Trail or Lung Fu Shan Morning Trail, which are two popular hiking trails in Hong Kong.



If you want to be close to the action, this is the place to be. The character and buzz comes from the mix of old and new Hong Kong. For example, modern apartments towering over the Sun Yat-sen Historical Trail, points of historical interest that encompass century old steps and off-grid residential lanes. There’s also scope for creative renovations of older buildings.

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