Living in Lamma Island

03 Aug 2020

Once a traditional fishing village, Lamma Island – just 3km southwest of Hong Kong Island and clearly visible from Aberdeen to Repulse Bay - is home to a vibrant multicultural community lured by its laid-back atmosphere, welcoming community and low-density lifestyle.


Mostly village houses and low-rise apartments, surrounded by immense, unspoilt tropical greenery. Although it has a reputation for alternative lifestyles, property prices have increased in recent years, with more commuters undertaking renovations of spacious homes with seaside views.


With an estimated population of 6,000, Lamma caters to those seeking an off-the-beaten-track way of life. There are local grocery and curio stores, but no large scale commercial offerings. There’s a cluster of western and local restaurants (including a vegan café) a post office, fire station, bank branch, two police posts and the North Lamma Medical Clinic. The most popular beach is Hung Shung Yeh Beach, equipped with toilets, showers and changing rooms. Hikers are drawn to the hill walks, finished with lunch at a local seafood restaurant.


Take a ferry from Central Pier 4 on Hong Kong Island and from Aberdeen on the south side of the Island - with separate services to both of the main villages on the island - taking between 30-40 minutes. Residents get around on foot or bicycle.


Lamma is included in the English Schools Foundation (ESF) zone for Bradbury School (primary).

Bradbury School (ESF)
43C Stubbs Rd
2574 8249
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