Living in Pok Fu Lam

01 Jun 2023

With Central about six kilometres to the east and Wong Chuk Hang and Aberdeen about the same to the west, Pok Fu Lam, a hidden gem on Hong Kong Island, provides a relatively leafy lifestyle and plenty of sea views while still being close to the main business areas.





Where is Pok Fu Lam?

Pok Fu Lam is situated on the western edge of Hong Kong Island and has undergone significant developments, making it one of the fastest-growing districts in Hong Kong.

Property Advice

Mostly residential, low-to-high-rise apartments or townhouses for families that fringe the western end of Hong Kong island. The luxury residential complexes of Bel-Air and Baguio Villa apartments have attracted many expatriates and locals who enjoy its quality amenities (pools, restaurants, play areas) safety and sense of community – alongside expansive sea views towards Lantau.


In the heart of Pok Fu Lam is Cyberport, a business park built in 2004, consisting of four office buildings, a hotel, retail entertainment complex and cinema. Nearby is Pok Fu Lam Country Park and the Stanley Ho Sports Centre, offering a range of sporting facilities to residents living in the surrounding vicinity.

Lush, natural beauty is everywhere, with plenty of hiking trails and parks, including the Pok Fu Lam Country Park and Waterfall Bay Park, just waiting to be explored. The ideal way to connect with nature, the serene surroundings are brimming with health and wellness amenities and activities that provide the perfect way to destress and unwind after a hard day’s work.


How to get to Pok Fu Lam

Roughly a 15 minute drive to Central, it’s also served by many bus networks and is about 10 minutes in a cab to Aberdeen and Wong Chuk Hang.

Schools at Pok Fu Lam

There are plenty of renowned International schools in the Pok Fu Lam area, offering a diverse range of globally recognised curriculums, including IGCSE, IB and BTECH. These esteemed educational institutions, some of which are part of the English Schools Foundation (ESF), offer the ideal pathway of admission to many top universities in the world. 



Pok Fu Lam is family-friendly and convenient with a plentiful supply of often spacious homes with views.

West Island English Schools Foundation (ESF)
250 Victoria Road, Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong
Kellett School’s primary campuses
Wah Fu Estate, 2 Wah Lok Path, Pok Fu Lam
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