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20 Jan 2023

Shek O, which means "Rocky Bay" in Chinese, is a small residential village nestled at the base of the famous Dragon's Back Hills on the eastern tip of Hong Kong Island. It’s popular amoung expatriate and local families seeking low-rise, beach-side living and an outdoor lifestyle. If you plan to buy a residential property in Shek O, read our complete guide to discover this peaceful oasis, from natural wonders to fabulous eateries and the quaint neighbourhood.

Things to Do in Shek O

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Things to Do in Shek O

1. Relax at Shek O Beach

Tucked away in a tranquil corner on the southeast coastline, Shek O Beach boasts a vast stretch of soft golden sand lapped by pristine waters. Soak up the sun, walk barefoot on the sand and enjoy the soothing sounds of gentle waves kissing the shoreline. This quaint neighbourhood is perfect for rejuvenating your mind and body amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. On top of that, the main beach enjoys access to numerous barbecue pits, where you can feast on grilled food with friends and family and enjoy quality time.

2. Hike up the Dragon’s Back

Hailed as one of Hong Kong's most popular hikes, Dragon's Back is famed for its winding trails along the spectacular mountain ridge of the Shek O Peninsula. Starting at To Tei Wan Tsuen, this 8.5 km hike spans across Mount Collison, Shek O Country Park, and Tai Long Wan Tsuen. Conquer the summit at Shek O Peak, which commands panoramic vistas of southern Hong Kong Island and its beautiful shoreline.

3. Surf at Big Wave Bay

Upon exiting the Dragon’s Back trail, you will be greeted with a wide expanse of turquoise waters and azure sky — welcome to Big Wave Bay! Home to Hong Kong's surfing paradise, it is famous for swimming and surfing and draws a fun-loving weekend crowd. Pop up on a surfboard, ride over the whitewater and splash against the gigantic, roaring waves. Aside from being a beloved attraction for surfer amateurs, Big Wave Bay is renowned for its historic rock carvings. There is even a prehistoric rock carving that has been preserved as a declared monument in Shek O, adding to the cultural vibrancy of the neighbourhood.

4. Visit the Natural Landmarks

Shek O enjoys some of Hong Kong's most beautiful natural wonders and coastal landforms, including Cape D' Aguilar Marine Reserve and Cape Collison. Perched on the southern tip of Hong Kong Island, Cape D' Aguilar overlooks the unfettered seascape, urban skyline, and a lofty historic lighthouse. This breathtaking terrain came to be as a result of constant weathering, erosions and longshore drift over millions of years, forming awe-inspiring coastal treasures such as sea caves, cliffs, arches, and headlands. Take a hike down Cape D' Aguilar to behold the beauty of its famous landforms — Thunder Cave and Crab Cave. Stand inside the dark, narrow sea cave and watch the thunderous waves crash against century-old rocks. No doubt, Shek O is an impeccable urban hideout for coastal escapes.

5. Stroll around Shek O Village

This beachside neighbourhood brims with quaint charm and gorgeous colours. Hop over to the rainbow village, where low-rise, colourful houses stand shoulder to shoulder, adding warmth and vibrancy to the space with a contrasting palette of colours — bright yellow, reddish-orange, light pink, pastel purple, you name it. Shek O Village is also renowned for its scenic Lover’s Bridge, which attracts swarms of couples and families all year round. Lying at the end of Headland Road, this classic blue walkway looks out to the panoramic coast and craggy terrace, ideal for day trips and short getaways.

Restaurants in Shek O

Shek O is a hidden gem full of stunning natural wonders and gourmet delicacies. Whether you are craving grilled seafood, cafe-style food or fusion cuisines, there is always something for you. While your next weekend away at Cocoabana, a beachside restaurant known for its Mediterranean dishes, fresh seafood and expansive terrace. If you are in the mood for tasty street food and BBQ skewers, venture out to Sai Jai Thai Store for some hot and quick snacks. Fill your rumbling stomach after a hike with some starchy staples from Ming’s Cafe, a leisure coffee shop offering a tempting range of pasta and pizza.


Habitat Property Shek O Village Property For Sale

Featured Properties for Sale and Rent

Habitat Property’s residences feature compact, older-style village apartments, some of which are painted in bright colours and with rooftop views. Our agency also offers luxury estate-like properties, family homes with gardens and larger residences at the lower end of Shek O Road - within the grounds of the exclusive Shek O Country Club grounds bordering the village - or on Headland road.

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How To Get To Shek O?

Shek O is roughly a 30-minute car or taxi drive from Central or easily accessed via a regular bus.

Bus from Shau Kei Wan: No.9

Bus from Central: X9 (only on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays)



The neighbourhood Fook Lee store sells everyday essentials, and the Shek O Thais restaurant serves popular food every day of the week. Local cafes near the beach car park provide both takeaway and dine-in options.


Situated in Primary One Admission School Net 16, Shek O enjoys access to multiple aided schools, two government schools, and some renowned international schools in the southern district of Hong Kong Island.

International Montessori Elementary
Phase III, Ma Hang Estate, Stanley
South Island English Schools Foundation
50 Nam Fung Road, Hong Kong
Quarry Bay English Schools Foundation
25/F, 1063 King's Rd, Quarry Bay
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