Kady Buchanan's Perfect Weekend

By: Kady Buchanan
27 Aug 2020

Kady is a former New York and London-based Equity Sales Director for UBS who joined Habitat as Senior Consultant for 10 years, and now moved to New Zealand. The avid sailor was awarded the title of Top Leasing Agent for the agency in both 2017 and 2018. Here, she tells us about her perfect weekend while she was in Hong Kong.

Boat Time

For us, weekends are all about spending time together as a family. If I don’t have clients on Saturday, we'll leave Friday afternoon just after work and school. We pack our two boys, our two dogs, bedding, beach towels and all our meals for the weekend and drive to the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club in Causeway Bay where we keep our boat.

From Causeway Bay, we head east out of the harbour and it’s about two hours to a great protected anchorage called Snake Bay in Sai Kung. It’s usually a pretty hot trip out there so once we set the anchor we all dive off the boat for a quick swim to cool down. The dogs are pretty anxious to get to land at that point, so then we’ll pile into the dinghy and head to the beach for a swim and a sundowner before dinner.

Anchor on Sand

On Saturday mornings we usually wake up with the sun, we are often the only boat out there. We keep breakfast simple with cereal, fruit and coffee on deck before puttering around the corner to one of our favorite beaches, Little Millionaires. We spend a couple hours here lazing in the sun, reading books while the boys and dogs play on the beach. Once the junks start arriving, we pluck up our anchor and sail another hour further east to the gorgeous beaches of Tai Long Wan. We anchor in different bays depending on the waves and tide, but our all-time favourite is Sai Wan.


Saturday lunches are my favorite and often spent at the local restaurant on the beach eating the best fried udon noodles and drinking the coldest Tsingtao beers in Hong Kong. If we are feeling adventurous after lunch, we may head to the waterfalls behind the beach, rent paddle boards, or hike up and over the mountain to the next bay, Ham Tin. If we are feeling lazy, we'll nap and read books on deck.

Sunset & Campfire

Saturday evenings we'll head back to Snake Bay and get organized for sunset cocktails and family dinner. We may go visit friends on another boat or head to the beach for a campfire and BBQ dinner. After dinner, the boys will dive back into the water for the hundredth time that day, they absolutely love swimming off the boat in the dark.

Sunday mornings are spent doing much of the same - swimming, reading and playing on the beach. If we are lucky with a good breeze, we'll sail all the way back to Causeway Bay. Packing up and cleaning the boat is a bore, so we usually reward ourselves with a spaghetti bolognese dinner back in our air-conditioned flat in the Mid-Levels. We are all knackered by the end of the weekend so it's typically an early bedtime for the whole family.

If you don't have a boat, you can still access all these gorgeous beaches in Sai Kung by water taxis that leave from Sai Kung pier. They can drop you and pick you up at Snake Beach, Millionaires, Sai Wan, Ham Tin & Tai Long Wan. Pack a picnic and make a day out of it with the whole family!

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