Why Does Home Matter More Than Ever?

By: Habitat
01 Feb 2020

One of the things that staying at home for long periods of time has prompted us to rethink is the significance of home. Our abode is a refuge from the troubles and dangers of the outside world; within its confines we can feel safe, secure and serene. Not even the most desirable stays at tropical resorts, chic boutique hotels or luxurious villas would prevent us from hankering to return home after too many nights away.

Comfort Zone

Home is more than just a shelter that offers protection, privacy and storage. It is a comfort zone (both literally and figuratively) exclusive to us which offers a reassuring familiarity and sense of freedom. Once your feet are in the door, the place is all yours – put on your favourite tunes and dance like nobody's watching, or pour yourself a brisk glass of bubbly and wash away the day’s weariness in a hot bath. After enduring a strenuous day, the home is a sanctuary that can stabilise our internal rhythms and reinforce our sense of self. There is no place like home where you can have the world leave you alone.

The Vitality of Seeds

The average person spends 26 years of their lifetime sleeping and an additional 7 years trying to get to sleep; most of this time is spent in our own bedroom. Akin to a charging pad, our home is where we dock ourselves to rest overnight so we can be energised and ready to face the world again. The demands and stresses of daily life can wear us out but a calm, restful home imbued with warmth can ground us, encourage us to reflect, restore our equilibrium and help us regain control.

Importance of Dwelling

“We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us,” said Winston Churchill, a former Prime Minister in the UK. There aren’t many places with which we engage and interact so intimately and profoundly. Our home embodies our personalities and values – the furniture, decor and everyday objects are channels through which we passionately convey and explore our identities and needs. The ongoing process of creating a home is parallel to self-discovery and can be as enriching and rewarding as the results.

Home Sweet Home

Never has our home mattered more. Now that we find ourselves mostly at home, a perfect opportunity presents itself for us to examine our living space, organise and reconfigure it where necessary to better suit our needs. Perhaps the study needs decluttering to inspire concentration; the bedroom may need softer ambient lights to evoke a sense of calm, or you might want to create a bright, invigorating space that gets your creative juices flowing. Think about the feeling you want to evoke and the activities you want to do during different times of the day. Size is certainly a factor but can be mitigated by smart layout, good lighting, quality materials and durable furniture. Small updates, if thoughtfully done, can make a big difference.

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