ART SERIES II | Habitat x William Furniss "Liquid Metropolis" Photographic Exhibition

By: Habitat
26 Oct 2021

Introducing the latest Photographic work in the 'Liquid Metropolis' series by William Furniss, on show at our Southside office in Stanley.

The Inspiration 

Renowned for his fine art Photography of cityscapes and urbanism featuring Hong Kong, New York and Paris, for the last 27 years William Furniss' love of photographing Hong Kong has captured the beauty and essence of the city in both unique and classical ways.

His latest work in the series 'Liquid Metropolis' was inspired by a trip to the Jumbo Floating restaurant in Aberdeen Harbour, with images of reflections from the surfaces of typhoon shelters across Hong Kong. 

"Surrounded by the click and clatter of mahjong tiles, floating through Aberdeen Harbour in 1983, I fell in love with Hong Kong.

It seems right that 30 years later, the inspiration for this series of images was whirlpools of neon seen on a trip to the Jumbo Floating Restaurant. Cities are founded on their relationship with water. It is the essential element of every city worldwide. 

Whilst I have travelled the world looking for these images, from the docks in London's East End, to the Singapore River, Dubai Marina, the Chicago River and New York's Hudson, Hong Kong has provided the greatest wealth of images.

There is no photoshop trickery here, just straight photographs taken with my large format camera. A reflection in water is a classic photo subject; with these photographs I try to dive as deeply as I can into transient and beautiful abstractions, to better express the importance of Hong Kong’s relationship with her founding element, water."

Please pop in for a coffee and come view these incredible photographs at our Stanley office  

Address: LG/F, 80 Stanley Village Road, Stanley. Google Map
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9:30am-6:30pm, Weekends & Public Holidays by appointment

This collection comprises a series of 13 images, all available for sale in limited edition prints.

About William Furniss

William Furniss is an urbanist and architectural photographer based in Hong Kong. Initially trained as a portrait photographer assisting luminaries of the London scene such as Patrick Litchfield and Terry O’Neill, life changed in 1993 when he visited Hong Kong where his work took a marked change of direction. The alien visual landscape of Hong Kong reignited a fascination with documenting the immediate environment.
William’s interest in cities led him to New York in 1999 with two years spent there developing his approach.
Numerous exhibitions have been held of William’s work. His most recent show was a solo project at AIPAD in New York. He was also a winner of the Film and Analogue category at the 2019 International Photography Awards.
Official site:
Instagram: @williamfurniss
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