Nelson Chan's Perfect Weekend

By: Nelson Chan
10 Feb 2022

Nelson Chan has lived in Sai Kung on and off for over 20 years. He joined Habitat as a Consultant in 2018 and has been our resident Sai Kung expert ever since! Here, he shares his perfect weekend.

About Nelson

Go-to Eatery in Sai Kung

More about Sai Kung

Must-Visit Spot in Sai Kung

Best Thing about Nelson's Home

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About Nelson

Name: Nelson Chan

Role in Habitat: Property Consultant

Neighborhood: Sai Kung, ranks the 9th coolest neighbourhoods in the world,

How long have you lived here: On & off for over 20 years

How do you kick off your mornings?

Watch the news for 15 mins, play with my dogs, check on the garden and have breakfast.


Your go-to Eatery in the neighbourhood

I used to go to the seafood restaurants in Sai Kung a lot. I like 2084, Chuen Kee Seafood Restaurant, also Little Cove Espresso for coffee and Tikitiki Bowling Bar for some fun. But with Covid now I dine in a lot these days... Home sweet home!


One thing about your neighbourhood everyone should know

Ho Chung River - Feeding the fish and tortoise. It is absolutely a secret paradise, great for the kids and me. I normally spend 5 -10 mins there feeding to release my stress and come back with positive energy.

One thing about your neighbourhood you wish was different

More and more people are moving into Sai Kung. With Covid still around, the weekend here is crazily busy... Everyone wants to be here to get some fresh air. The last secret garden in Hong Kong is no longer a secret anymore.


Must-visit spot in your neighborhood

Island-hopping during the week, never on the weekend.

The Best Hike – Tai Long Wan is perhaps the most beautiful place in Hong Kong. Despite its remote location, it is a perennial favourite for hikers for its clear water, distinctive hills and primarily, four lovely beaches that stretch along the east coast of Sai Kung Country Park: Sai Wan, Ham Tin Wan, Tai Wan and Tung Wan. Best in HK! You won’t regret it.


The best thing about your home

I love gardening! My garden bears fruits all year round:

Lychee/ Longan/ Wampi – May-July

Star Fruit – July-Sept

Mango – Oct-March

Papaya – All year round


Learn more about gardening


Describe your typical weekend

If I am not working, I like to spend time at home, go for a swim or have good friends around to chill at home.


What would you miss the most about the neighbourhood if you had to move to somewhere else?

Oh... there will be a lot to miss. The views, the mountain, the water, the seafood and of course the fun time feeding the Japanese koi fish and lucky tortoise.

What’s on your playlist lately?

My all time favourite artists are Andrea Bocelli, Etta James, Adele and of course Li Jian (you can Google him now)...

...and I love the cool Habitat Spotify Hong Kong themed playlists, a fantastic mix for any occasion whether I'm at home relaxing or having friends over!

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