Top Schools in Hong Kong: A Guide to International and Local Institutions

By: Habitat
19 Jan 2024


Types of schools in Hong Kong  

Hong Kong offers a diverse range of schools, catering to various educational needs. The city is proud to host renowned international schools that offer globally recognized curricula, including the International Baccalaureate (IB), British, US, German, French and Australian curriculum. These exceptional schools attract expatriate families and local residents who are seeking top-notch education. 

Hong Kong also has many schools offering a strong bi-lingual (English & Mandarin) program. Many parents seek entrance to these schools and as such can be competitive to access providing an exceptional foundation in Mandarin.  

Know your application dates 

Navigating Hong Kong's competitive school admissions process requires strategic planning. Keeping up with key application dates, including early registration deadlines, entrance exam schedules, and final submission windows, is crucial for families aiming for a quality education. Remember, high demand and limited spots make proactive planning your key to securing a coveted place in a prestigious school.

Timing is critical here so the earlier you can plan here the better -- alot of people will register children at birth or soon after (especially for local schools) to ensure they are on the list!

School Tours 

Discovering the perfect school for your child in Hong Kong involves more than just research— nothing beats experiencing it firsthand. Many schools in the city offer guided tours, and personalized meetings to help you make an informed decision. To schedule an appointment, simply fill out an online form, send an email, or contact the admissions department of the school you are interested in directly. 

Before you apply 

When choosing a school in Hong Kong, it is always prudent to have a backup plan. By considering two or three alternative options, you can avoid the stress of not meeting specific requirements or facing lengthy waiting lists. Check out our curated list for some excellent choices to kick-start your search.

Bilingual International Schools (Mandarin & English) in Hong Kong    

Bilingual schools in Hong Kong not only provide instruction in both English and Mandarin, but also create an immersive environment through bilingual teachers, peer interaction and cultural activities - bilingualism therefore becomes an organic part of their daily school life, allowing students to enjoy the best of both cultures. 

International Schools in Hong Kong 

ESF Schools (Secondary, Primary and kindergarten) 

As the largest English-language international school organization in Hong Kong, the English Schools Foundation (ESF) offers a comprehensive educational programme across its 22 schools. ESF schools not only prioritize academic excellence but also provide a diverse array of extracurricular activities - from sports and arts to community service and leadership opportunities. 

ESF – Secondary Schools  

ESF – Primary Schools 

ESF – Kindergartens 

Prestigious Local Schools in Hong Kong

Beyond the International schools, many of Hong Kong's local schools are well regarded for their rigorous academics, coveted IB diplomas and vibrant communities.

Other Helpful Links

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School Types:

As you explore schooling options our Neighbourhood guides can give you a deeper understanding of each district and amenities available. Some of the ESF and Local schools have certain requirements around catchment areas and where the student must live so be sure to research this thoroughly.

Our team of experienced AGENTS have alot of experience in relocating families and finding the right neighbourhood and schools in those areas, so be sure to reach out to them through our WhatsApp and explore our latest listings for Sale and Rent 



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