How to Style your Outdoor area in Hong Kong

By: Habitat Property
30 Jun 2023

Summer is well and truly here, so now is the time to indulge in Outdoor living with endless Summer days and nights soaking up the sun and views. A fabulous Rooftop, Terrace, Balcony or Garden in Hong Kong can be a total game changer whether it's WFH whilst taking in the surrounds, inviting family and friends over for some alfresco dining or just relaxing at home and enjoying some down time.

From gorgeous terraces and balconies, to rooftops and gardens, we've got some fabulous properties for Sale and properties for Rent to choose from...

...and here's some inspiration to help style your outdoor space with great design ideas to create just the right mood and ambience.

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Invest in Outdoor Furniture

Adding Personal Touches and Decor

Creating Some Shade



Invest in Outdoor Furniture

Create a welcoming vibe in your outdoor space with some stylish patio furniture. Once you've established your colour palette and preferred materials (pastels, metal and wood are usually a good combination), add in functional elements such as a small table or coffee table, loungers, seat cushions, or even a sofa if you have more floor space.

Find garden furniture pieces that are a bit heavier so they don't stand a chance of blowing away too easily, or ensure you invest in proper rope and tarp to secure for inclement weather.

There's lots of great places to buy outdoor furniture in Hong Kong across all budget levels from Ikea and FrancFranc, to Harbour Outdoor and Everything under the Sun.


Adding Personal Touches and Decor

Enhance your balcony's atmosphere with decorations that bring out your own personality and will make guests feel at ease. Try string lights along the balcony railing, add a pop of colour with an outdoor rug, or scatter the seating areas with some patterned throw pillows.

Mirrors are a great way to make the area feel larger and reflect the surrounding green, water or views if you have a wall you can secure it too.

If you have a green thumb, set aside an area for some outdoor plants or even a mini vegetable garden or herb garden. Make use of the square footage available or if your balcony or private terrace is a bit on the smaller side, think carefully about the items you choose to complement the space. For example, tall plants may not be the best choice for a small balcony, but little potted balcony plants may do or even a mini outdoor home gym/weights area?!


Creating Some Shade

With Hong Kong's tropical climate, the weather can sometimes be hard to predict. Installing a bit of shade or a retractable awning over your balcony or rooftop could work wonders to battle the elements and complete your balcony scene. 

You can also consider folding furniture which can be stored and put away easily for more floor space if you have more guests coming over - explore a small rack or shelf to make storage even easier.

Those with larger balconies, rooftops or gardens can be slightly more adventurous with balcony design ideas - how about setting up your own barbeque or grill or mini wading pool for the kids?


Want more rooftop and garden design ideas? Head over to our properties for Sale and properties for Rent in Hong Kong today to find the outdoor space of your dreams.

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