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Born and raised in Hong Kong, Alan is fluent in Mandarin, English, Cantonese and the Chiu Chow dialect.

With over 16 years of experience in Hong Kong’s real estate market, he has a deep understanding of the sale & leasing dynamics in both the luxury Residential & prime Commercial property sectors.

Alan has a proven track record of successfully closing a multitude of deals in excess of HKD$100M, including notable properties such as Grenville House and May Tower II in Mid-Levles. One of his significant achievements was in 2022 when he successfully brokered the sale of 'The Largest Penthouse Transaction in The Peak.' Additionally, Alan has represented vendors as sole agents for the sale of key properties such as Leon Court in Mid-levels East and Sea Cliff Mansions in Repulse Bay.

Alan holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration (Economics) from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, as well as undertaking an exchange program at Nanjing University, China to further expand his knowledge & understanding of the Chinese market.

With his extensive property knowledge, years of experience and proficient language skills, Alan is able to deliver a comprehensive range of real estate services to drive exceptional results and outcomes for his HK clients. His expertise and dedication make him a trusted partner in the property market and a valuable asset to the Habitat team.

李晞 (Alan) 在香港出生和長大,能說流利的普通話、英語、粵語和潮州話。他畢業於香港科技大學,擁有工商管理經濟學系學士,並參與中國南京大學交換生計劃。

Alan 在香港房地產行業擁有超過16年的經驗,主要經營豪宅市場及甲級商廈,促成多項過億元的銷售交易,包括中半山嘉慧園及 May Tower II 。在2022年,他更促成了“山頂最大頂層公寓”的銷售,是他近年其中一項最大額的交易。同時,他也為賣方獨家代理出售東半山利安閣及淺水灣海峰園。

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