Living in Repulse Bay and South Bay

06 Jul 2020

Repulse Bay and South Bay are sought-after neighbouring locations in the heart of the Southside district, encircling the popular expanse of Repulse Bay Beach and the quieter South Bay.

Properties: ultra-modern high-rise apartments tower above Colonial-era low-rise town houses and communal swimming pools. Above the hills facing the bay are a smattering of large stand-alone properties commanding impressive views. Repulse Bay is home to more contemporary high-rise apartments while South Bay offers more low-rise and less density.

Amenities: the site of the former Repulse Bay Hotel is now a popular residential and iconic high-rise complex, The Repulse Bay, housing a supermarket, pre-school, health facilities, lifestyle stores, clubhouse, restaurants and day spa. Ernest Hemmingway and actor Marlon Brando once stayed at the Repulse Bay Hotel. On the beach front itself is The Pulse, a popular shopping and dining complex fronting a child-friendly playground and the white sand of the bay.

Transport: driving to Central takes roughly 20 minutes and the many bus routes to various business districts takes roughly 40 minutes. Stanley is about five minutes’ drive further south. Apartment complexes often have their own mini-buses which serve as regular commuter options for residents only.

Perks: within minutes from your front door is easy access to various trail walks that take in endless views of the bays below. Enjoy lunch at The Pulse before strolling along the seaside boardwalk towards Deep Water Bay.

Woodland Montessori Pre-School
Shop G118-119, G/F, The, 109 Repulse Bay Rd, Repulse Bay
Hong Kong International School’s upper primary campus
23 S Bay Cl, Repulse Bay
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