Fabulous Southside Living

06 May 2022

Living in the Southside offers more of a relaxing lifestyle, with a slower pace and its own unique identity and charm. There's easy access to a plethora of hiking trails with breathtaking views from the hilltops. Gorgeous waterfront restaurants/bars/cafes line the promenades in Stanley, Deepwater Bay & Repulse Bay and of course a trove of trinkets and treasures to be found at the iconic Stanley market....all this and it's still conveniently close to Central/the Business centre of Hong Kong, just 15 minutes away.

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Planting Pleasures

Beachside Lifestyle


Leslie Buck Planting Pleasures Climbing Tree

Planting Pleasures

Check out our latest article featuring Leslie Buck to learn about her philosophy of gardening and immerse yourself in nature at home

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Beachside Lifestyle

Read on to our latest article profiling Peter and Joanna Georgiou, co-founders of Grayers on how they spend time with family and enjoy the beachside lifestyle in Stanley



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